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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Q&A Session on CBT Training on Facebook

The session has just closed.
You can read the transcript below.
Also - feel free to add your comments there - we will be answering your questions daily.


    •  Paul Crawte So, how much does it cost and how long does it take?
    • Paul Crawte Also... how is the course delivered ? Attendance somewhere? Mail outs....

  •  Skills Development Service Ltd Hi Paul. The modules cost between £20 and £160 each (depending on which are taught and which are self directed.) The overall cost if purchased in advance is £5195+ VAT. You will not find a cheaper open access route to covering training for Accrediation. The period over which it is completed is up to the delegate because it is modular. However, the shortest period for completion would be 12-18 mths.

  • Skills Development Service Ltd To Paul Crawte: Hi again Paul. The course is a combination. The dierect skills taught modules (200+ hours) are delievered in Central London at the British Psychological Society. The self directed case formulation modules are emailed, completed by yourself and sent back to tutors for assessment and feedback. The self directed raeding modules are sent by email and there are online quizzes which are used to evidence knowledge obtained. Hopefully this clarifies.
      • Alex Grant I like the look of your courses, but not sure I am able to commit to the full Diploma. Can I just go to the individual courses from time to time for CPD and see where it takes me after a while?
     Skills Development Service Ltd To Alex Grant: You can just attend the modules for CPD purposes without any commitment. We know that some delegates have already expressed interest in them in their own right irrespective of wishing apply for Accreditation. In other words there is no commitment
      •  Skills Development Service Ltd ANONYMOUS QUESTIONER “I am shortly about to retire from teaching and youth development work at the age of 61. I want to retrain as a BACBT accredited therapist. Using your route how quickly can this be achieved, and how many hours of supervision (at your charge of £45 per hour) need to be completed? Thank you”
        ANSWER “Hi. How quickly Accreditation can be achieved varies according to previous experience / qualifications and is difficult to be explicit about. However...there are certain teaching qualifications and social work qualifications that are considered core professions OR you can go via the KSA route which would be based on your CPD throughout your career. Assuming this was covered,you could cover the taught parts of the course within 12-18mths. Additionally you would need to be able to demonstrate a minimum of 200 hours of CBT practice that had received 40 hours of supervision. Hopefully this clarifies things”
      •  Alexis Khlay I'm not sure if I'm eligible for BABCP accreditation. Can I still attend the courses and can anybody help me to check my eligibility? Thanks, Alexis Khlay
     Skills Development Service Ltd For Alexis. Hi Alexis. There are 3 elements to Accreditation. 1. Core Profession/ KSA 2. Training 3. Supervised practice. We can provide an opinion and advice on all three both in advance as well as "hand hold" you at the time of application for eligibility through our Accreditation Support Programme. Because this can sometimes be a complex issue we have to charge for this unfortunately. HOWEVER, should you decide not to proceed with training after our intial feedback we refund the fee for the Accreditation Support Package (minus a cancellation fee)
      •  Gemma Phillips-Pike Hi - just wondering how the practice of CBT works on this course - i.e. is it assumed you are in private practice with a supervisor as I guess you will need to have the opportunities to practice the skills? Also, if this is the case, how many client hours are required to obtain the Diploma? Thank you.
      •  Gemma Phillips-Pike Sorry, just seen your response above which answers my question - 200 hours with 40 hours supervision. Can the supervision be with any accredited supervisor or with SDS?

  •  Skills Development Service Ltd It can be with any CBT Accredited Therapist not simply SDS'. However, it can not simply be with any Accredited Supervisor eg. BACP Accredited (rather than BABCP). The BABCP lists such Accredited CBT Therapists on their website and you are free to approach them. Expect a cost of £80-£120 / hr. SDS is offering group supervision which fulfills Accrediation requirements for £45 / hour. Hope this helps.

      •  Skills Development Service Ltd A question by EMAIL: My question is I have almost completed the PG cert with Anglia Ruskin Univ in Cambridge and would be looking to do the second year for the PG Dip.

        Q. Is the PG Cert transferable to your course?

        What days would the course be offered?
        Where would the course be held?
        What are the costs entailed and what support systems are in place if needed?
        Would there be support on offer to students who need to take KSA route in getting their accreditation with the BABCP.

  •  Skills Development Service Ltd IN REPLY TO THE EMAIL QUESTION : There is no requirement to start again with our Diploma should you wish to transfer from your existing University course. If you purchase our Accreditation Support Package we will provide you with an assessed opinion of what additional moodules you need to complete in order for you to apply for Accreditation. The cost of this is £195+VAT (or included for free if you sign up for the whole Diploma).This covers any advice regarding KSA. Wherever possible, SDS will attempt to help you meet any outstanding KSA requirements but can not guarentee this as it obviously depends on circumstance. If we can not we will sign post. Please note that the Accreditation Support Package also covers ongoing email and telephone support through the process of Accreditation application. Courses are run in Central London, typically at The British Psychological society (close to Moorgate Tube). Hope this helps

      •  Skills Development Service Ltd The LIVE Q&A session is now FINISHED.
      • You can still add your questions to this post and we will be answering them every day.

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