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Thursday, 3 September 2009

SDS Training & CPD

Dear All,

I hope you have had a good summer, that you're feeling refreshed and that any sense of relaxation that you've had doesn't already feel like a distant memory.

I'm writing because we could really do with your help.

We're are currently looking at how SDS delegates have used their attendance at our courses to fulfil their CPD requirements.

We would love to know if you have ever used your attendance at an SDS event as part of ANY of the following:

  • HPC Continuing or Re-registration submissions
  • Underpinning of DANOS
  • BACP accreditation or re-accreditation submissions
  • Maintaining CPD records for GSCC requirements
  • BABCP accreditation or re-accreditation submissions
  • Fulfilment of PREP requirements for NMC Continuing or Re-registration submissions
  • Any other forms of CPD submissions with other professional bodies

    We don't need any great detail - just whether you've used our courses.
    You can leave a comment to this post or simply tick the box(s) in the Poll on the left.
    If you have we would really like to hear from you. It would be a great help.

    Many thanks



    1. We had a fantastic e-mail response to this question - lots of you took time to contact us and let us know how you were using our courses for CPD.

      We are particularly touched by your private comments about usefulness of our courses for your day-to-day work with clients and for you personal growth. We are extremely pleased to hear that you find our training invaluable.

      Thank you so much for you help on this matter.

      Please do not hesitate to add more comments to this post, reply in the poll or let us know about your CPD experience by e-mail.

      Best wishes

      Jane Gallagher

    2. Nice Post !

      Thanks for sharing this information. But It is not useful for me because I'm not student of Psychology. I'm student of social work in some other field and studying in school of social work to complete my education.



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