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Friday, 18 June 2010


As you know in the autumn we are running our first 4 days course “CERTIFICATE IN RESOURCE BASED THERAPIES” approved by BPS Learning Centre for CPD.

The course generates a lot of interest as it is a fresh and innovative approach to complex cases that builds on training courses that you have already attended with us in the past. We asked Paul Grantham to answer some of the questions about this course that frequently raised in your e-mails. That what he said:

Q1: SDS has just introduced a new training course – A Certificate in Resource Based Therapies. What is this course about and how is it different to everything you’ve been doing before?
PG: We thought it was time to bring together different strands from the training we have been providing over the last couple of years and develop a new course around them. The course is modular and based on three separate evidence based therapeutic approaches – Positive Psychology, Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. The course is run over a four day period which can be worked through as a whole block or in a modular manner. The certificated course has also just been approved by The British Psychological Society Learning Centre and is accompanied by an optional assessed examination.

Q2: Why do you think there is a need for such a course if it is based on variety of therapeutic approaches that already exist? What are the advantages in bringing them together?
PG: The simple answer to this is that there is considerable overlap and shared theoretical underpinnings to the three approaches. Firstly, they are all evidence based, in other words there are good psychological experimental underpinnings to the theories, process and interventions. The need to demonstrate a strong evidence base to any psychotherapeutic approach is not going to go away and it is rightly a key touchstone for any therapy we might be using. However, CBT does not have a monopoly on psychotherapeutic effectiveness and these approaches happily live along side it. Secondly, all three approaches are resource based in assumption, in other words they focus on what the client already has which enables them to thrive, and looks at how to amplify it. Motivational Interviewing draws strongly on Roger's ideas regarding clients' intrinsic motivation and has placed client perceptions of benefits and negative consequences at the centre of its approach. Brief Solution, of course , lives by the mantra of "There's nothing wrong with you that what's right with you, couldn't fix" and Positive Psychology's focus on Strengths via the VIA again focuses on clients’ existing resources. Thirdly, as a result of the above, all three are outcome, thriving and future focused rather than causal, deficit and past focused. And this is still a relatively rare common feature in most psychotherapeutic approaches. Finally, all three utilise brief and practical interventions to facilitate change.
Q6: On the practical side of things – four day courses might be quite expensive – are there ways to budget for this course without spending much straightaway?
PG: This course is modular. Hence although you can sign up for all four modules at once (and there is a fee reduction if you do this), you can sign up for individual modules as well. This allows delegates to spread the cost according to their budget. This, combined with the typically low fees that SDS charges in comparison with many other training providers makes this one of the most financially accessible psychotherapy courses currently available.

If you are not sure what modules of the course you have already done – please feel free to contact me directly – I will check it in our records and let you know what modules you need to take up in order to complete the full course. You can contact me directly via our enquiry page:
Start your comment with “RBT Course Enquiry for JB” and I will reply to you ASAP.

Our seminar “ANGER THERAPY: HATRED, HOSTILITY & BITTERNESS” is running currently around the UK with great success. If you missed your opportunity to attend it now - it will run ONE DAY in London in September. The early bird discount of £24 is still available for that particular date. Book now to make sure that you receive a discount and reserve your place (some venues are almost fully booked now).

Don’t forget – you can enter a monthly draw with a top price of a free place on our one day courses by registering on . The winner of the May draw was Amanda Evans, with two runners-up who received their prizes.
If you register on you can participate in a monthly draw with a free psychotherapy DVD as your prize. Don’t forget to CONFIRM YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS when register on this site. Otherwise your registration is not complete and you cannot enter the draw.
It only takes seconds to register!
Best wishes

Julia Budnik

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