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Thursday, 27 January 2011

On Happiness

BBC is promoting "Happiness" very heavily in their breakfast show this week:

Lots of techniques from Positive Psychology field…

Have you ever tried any of them yourself? Please share your experience with us if you feel like it…

Fascinating question:
Can it work for your clients?

We believe so and can prove that it can!

Come to our Positive Therapy courses to find out how:
See what Paul Grantham thinks about it:


  1. As an OT, Life Coach and Counsellor, I use positive psychologies for myself and in my work, all the time ! One of my favourite books is Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff, available on amazon. Its packed with happiness research and draws upon a wide range of tools we can use to increase our happiness set point. The activities are designed to incline our thinking towards joy and have mindfulness principles at their core. With everything that happens in my life, I look for the learning and what I can be grateful for and think that gratitude journalling is a significant tool for building in the habit. Its worked so well that I can happily convince myself that getting up so early to help my son with his paper round brings me a whole range of benefits, from connecting with the community and nature, getting energised, through to instilling a work habit, building his confidence, and overall being connected with what is happening daily around us. So, now I can watch Not the 9'o'clock news and similar comedy programmes and understand it,as I get a few moments to peak at the headlines ! I also use Anthony Robbins 'Morning Power questions', what can I be grateful for, what makes me happy etc. This is definitely my favourite territory - positive psychologies can benefit anybody, as a way of living. I use effective questionning to manage stress and problem solve. I also love Robbins transformational vocabulary, which actually my kids are very good at !This is about being very aware of the words we use to describe our experince and either pumping them up or toning them down, sometimes using silly non-existent words, a bit Winnie the Pooh style at times (Awaken the Giant within). Another favourite is Russ Harriss's The Happiness trap, which explains the concepts of ACT beautifully with great exercises to try out, eg talk to yourself in a cartoon voice I am starting a post to my organisation, on Happy at Work.

    There is so much I could say on this topic !!

  2. p.s. I have signed up for the Resource based certificate,to really bed my learning in and add it to my C.V. I am self funding, although my manager is letting me have some of the time off. At a time when funding is such an issue, as an OT has run her own business for 10 years, I have a different approach to managing CPD - its liberating deciding you want a course for YOU, as well as your work and its a worthwhile investment, not just for the course, but for all the networking opportunities that arise. I'm really looking forward to meeting lots of new people !
    I am thinking about writing an article for OT news on CBT, Motivational Interviewing and Coaching - differences and similarities. This will also include Brief Solutions. If you are interested in this topic as another ptential discussion, perhaps Paul will be happy to host a discussion here too ? What do you see as the differences and similarities ?
    I'd like to share a great 'thought interrupt' technique that one of my custmers came up with, in bringing her awareness to how she was thinking unhelpfully. I simply reflected back her accent on the words she used, you know the ones that quantify an experience, always, never sometimes etc or why do I . . . why me statements. She devised a 'beep beep' sound (like 'road runner'), which we both use together, even when texting. It makes us both laugh ! this brings it to the human level of experience, suspends any fear of judgement/criticism and enables her to be more aware of where she is selling herself short, or any other pattern of thinking that is unhelpful.

  3. I use "positive psychology" with most of my clients (it used to be called "person-centred"!). I have a 100% client success rate. One has to beware, however, of one's own inability?/distaste?/sheer disinclination/ to stay with the negative; the client sets the agenda.


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