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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

New! Future View: Charting Psychotherapy’s New Horizon - Save Today

Today’s new release features three addresses on critical questions shaping psychotherapy’s future. You’ll get a high energy snapshot of the latest developments in three critical frontiers of psychotherapy – trauma treatment, love research, and brain science, in back-to-back, 20-minute presentations from leaders in the field.

Bessel van der Kolk, M.D: The Frontiers of Trauma Treatment

In this Future View Address, Van der Kolk will explore the most recent treatment advances in using yoga and somatic practices to help trauma survivors transform their disconnected relationship with their bodies and learn to feel safe, powerful, and effective.

Barbara Frederickson, Ph.D: What if Everything You Know about Love Is Wrong?

In this Future View Address, Fredrickson will discuss the implications of her findings about love as well as practical, straightforward ways for bringing these insights into psychotherapy.

Daniel Siegel, M.D: Brainstorm: Lessons Adults Can Learn from the Teenage Brain

In this Future View Address, Siegel will challenge many of the myths commonly held about the teenage brain and highlight how understanding it can make all of us more creative and self-aware.


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This DVD comes with a certificate for 2 CPD hours

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